Q3 Pinnacle Award Winner Committed to Growth

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HealthTrust Workforce Solutions is thrilled to announce the Flexcare team as our Q3 Pinnacle Partner of the Quarter Award recipient! This team's commitment to growth with HealthTrust is evidenced by their consistent outstanding results in several metric categories, all while keeping the focus on high quality service

Qualitative metrics reviewed, as a percent of submissions, in consideration for this award include offers, acceptances, cancels, placements, and on-time starts. The Flexcare team knocked it out of the park in every category!


When surveying our program leaders and clients, we often find that high-quality submissions and service are more meaningful than volume and quantity. The preference is one quality submission over five average submissions any day. Simply put, the better the scores across those quality categories, the more likely these candidates are to go to placement and result in high customer satisfaction. This is what we strive toward for HWS and our clients and something the Flexcare team lives by day in and day out. 

Congratulations to the entire Flexcare team! Thank you for all of your efforts to make this an outstanding quarter.

Our Flexcare Allied Client Relations Team: 

Flexcare Allied Client Relations Team

Our Flexcare Nursing Client Relations Team:

Flexcare Nursing Client Relations Team-2


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