MSP Leadership Spotlight: Shawn Milligan

Shawn Milligan is a HealthTrust Workforce Solutions Assistant Vice President for MSP Operations. He works with his team of 15 people to bring contract labor support to four of our healthcare system clients.

“Our customers are our client facilities as well as our strategic staffing partners,” Shawn says. “It is our job to make sure that they are both happy.”

Shawn began working at HealthTrust in 2016 after building his career in MSP operations. He divides his time between working in Dallas and traveling to meet with our clients across the country. Understanding the value of great customer service, Shawn places an emphasis on building strong relationships with both his team members and with his customers to ensure that our ultimate customer – the patient – receives the best quality of care possible.

“It’s important to always keep your eyes on the bigger picture,” Shawn says. “Our jobs are challenging but rewarding, as we ultimately impact patient care.”

In his spare time, Shawn enjoys working out at the gym and spending time with his children. An avid football fan, Shawn’s favorite teams include the University of Oklahoma and Cleveland Browns.

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MSP Leadership Spotlight: Keri James

Keri James is a HealthTrust Workforce Solutions Assistant Vice President for MSP Operations. She and her team of 12 support the contract labor needs for nine clients: They help five healthcare systems with their clinical contract needs, and four areas of HCA Healthcare with their non-clinical contract needs, such as short-term vacancies in their IT Group.

“The best part of my job is supporting my team,” Keri says. “I like to make sure they are meeting their career goals and maintaining a good work/life balance.”

Keri joined HealthTrust in February 2015 as a Program Director after building a solid career in both MSP program management and IT staffing solutions. She divides her time between working in our Dallas regional office and traveling to meet with clients across the country.

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MSP Leadership Spotlight: Eddie Parizek

Eddie Parizek is an Assistant Vice President for HealthTrust Workforce Solutions’ MSP program. He and his team of 52 Program Managers, Program Professionals, Onboarding Specialists and more represent our HCA Healthcare facility clients to our staffing partners and to our in-house travel recruitment team. 

Eddie joined the HealthTrust team in November 1998 as a per diem staffer in our West Florida office. His mother worked for HCA Healthcare’s West Florida division at the time and had heard about an opportunity in a local staffing office that she thought he would enjoy. With his 21-year work anniversary coming up in November, it’s clear that this career move was the right one for him.

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Topics: MSP Leadership Spotlights


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